The worldwide multi-national esports governance organisation. #bl3s


Electronic competition is growing blazing fast. Most sports will become electronic in just 5-10 years.

Combining esports, streaming, marketing and betting - will create a new better version of all-sports.

There’s an opportunity to seize a FIFA-grade company to control electronic sports in upcoming years.

This is a trillion-dollar market opportunity, unlimited betting feed, boost of social and personal humanity development, exploiting national fanbase.

It is not only about playing. It is about winning.

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The challenge

People scared off investors due to overpromising and lack of expertise. New sports infrastructure has been a subject to regular and ICO fundraising for 5-6 years now. Nobody could deliver.

We made years of research and work to actually be the ones that are able.

The Expertise - the only streaming know-it-all company. Founded and led by Ivan to gather and effectively use sports, electronic sports, and streaming intel from all around the world. Ivan.GG - engineer, web and UI expert, professional gamer, LAN-club runner, tournaments organiser, broadcaster, shout caster, esports TV channel executive and producer, serial entrepreneur, tournament platforms expert, holding companies director, public speaker, esports expert, author of Cyberstar Influencer Academy, National universities esports education programme, founder and the president of National Esports Federation, founding team of Esports Europe, member of International Esports Federation.

Presentation of Esports to European Parliament, Belgium

Presentation of Esports to European Parliament, Belgium


101: WPP Esports, CGC Esports 102: Esports Ecosystem 103: State of Esports @ ICE Refs, decks: ESC, Agency, Scrims, MT, Cyberstar League & Plan, GG Craft, GameShow, GG-Zone, National Federation, Esports Ukraine, Esports Europe


Partners, advisors

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The plan

  1. Fund. Investing and acquiring. Multi-partner or single-partner.
  2. Multi-national governing body.
  3. The New Olympics

Partnerships, investments, acquisitions *suggestions

To be made